[ebook + text book] Pro Android

Android Pro is the first book to include coverage of Google's new Android SDK 1.5 (including branches formerly called Cupcake). keyboard / traditional input, Voice Recognition, and Live Folders, Covers Android Media APIs (Media API, WI-FI APIs, etc.), including OpenGL new simplified, improved Media Framework and more. With the Android 1.5 and this book which includes coverage of Android 1.5, developersyou should be able to build advanced mobile applications ranging from games to Google Apps as add-ons for Google Docs and more? Care for the interface device. Expanding and APIs run from the new Google Chrome browser / WebOS on G1, G2 and others who will come the next generation of Google's Android Phones and other devices enabled and Netbooks. What you will learn What is Android and how to use Android to build Java-based mobile applications for Google's mobile phone with touch screen or keyboard, thanks to the inclusion Cupcake as Android 1.5?. How to design and architect a variety of mobile devices and applications using Google's Android SDK. Multimedia and Game even build applications using the Android's Media API, improved Media Framework and Simple OpenGL. This book is for professional software engineers / programmers who want to move their ideas and applications into the mobile space with Android. This book also targets hobbyist developers who want to get their feet wet in the complex minefield phone software. About the Apress Pro Series Books Apress Pro series of practical, professional tutorials to keep you on and moving up the professional ladder. You have to get a job, now you need to hone your skills in tough times competitive

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