[ebook + text book] Pro Android 2

Android Pro 2 shows you how to build real-world mobile applications and enjoyable to use Google? S latest Android SDK. Find design and architecture of the Android SDK through practical examples, and how to build mobile applications using Android SDK. Android pro 2 in diving, providing you with all the knowledge and techniques you need to build mobile applications ranging from games to Google's applications, including add-ons for Google Docs. You? Will be able to expand and run the Google Chrome the new API on the G1, G2, and other next-generation Google phone and Android-enabled devices. What are you? Will learn how to use Android to build Java-based mobile applications for Google's mobile phone with touch screen or keyboard (thanks to the inclusion s Cupcake? Per Android 1.5) How to design and architect to use Google's latest Android SDK? How to use the Android SDK to write mobile applications for embedded devices How to create 3D graphics with OpenGL and custom components How to build multimedia and gaming applications using Android Media APIs and OpenGL? How to use Android? s location-based services, network (Wi-Fi API), and security How to create and allow more local search and integrated Web How to build UIs attitude handwriting Google Translate How to incorporate into your Android application Who this book? This book also targets hobbyists. Table of contents Chapter 1: Introducing the first Android Platform Computing? Chapter 2: Getting Your Feet Wet 25? Chapter 3: Using Resources, Content Provider, and Intention 57? Chapter 4: User Interface and Control Using Building 123? Chapter 5: Working with Menus and Dialog 171? Chapter 6: Animation 2D opening 217? Chapter 7: Navigating Security and Location-Based Services 243? Chapter 8: Building and Consuming Services 289? Chapter 9: Using the Framework for Media and Telephony API 327? Chapter 10: 3D Graphics Programming with OpenGL 363? Chapter 11: Managing and Organizing Preferences 421? Chapter 12: Navigating Folders 439 Live? Chapter 13: Home Screen 457 Widgets? Chapter 14: Find 491's Android? Chapter 15: Text to Speech Navigating and Translate API 563? Chapter 16: 591 touchscreens? Chapter 17: Mobile Titanium: A WebKit-based Approach to AndroidDevelopment 627? Chapter 18: Working with the Android Market 661? Chapter 19: Outlook and Resources 675? Check out the author? Link download