[ebook + text book] Multimobile Development

With Multimobile Development, you? Will learn how to quickly retool between iPhone and Android platform and expand its interests and the audience of your application, without having to work with the compatibility layer burdensome and error-prone and toolkit. Development Multimobile bring you, the developer, through software development projecton same second mobile platform, learn the difference between and the relative strengths and weaknesses of each platform as you go. Multimobile Development covers the iPhone and Android platforms, two of the platform's hottest mobile device on the market today. What you will learn how to develop,? End-to-end, which oniPhone the same application and the Android platform. Plus, stay on top of developments in the mobile application space by visiting the site a comprehensive resource on http://www. multimobiledevelopment.com Who is the author of this book is to Multimobile Development is an important book for software developers looking to build applications that run natively, without any practical compatibility layer and toolkits, on the iPhone and Android platforms. Bookmark Six Contents Introduction Services Application Server Architecture and Functional Specifications Android: Android Installing Toolset: Build a Logon Form and Consuming REST Services Android: An ORM layer in Android SQLite: Encouraging Change IOS Server: Installing the IOS Toolset: Build Service and Consuming REST Logon Form IOS: An ORM layer on IOS SQLite: Link download