[ebook + text book] Android for Work

The book also highlights the often daunting task to find the right Android phone for business users. Whether this is your first smartphone, the first Android smartphone you, or your first attempt to make your phone into a tool of productivity, Android to work gets you started. You? Will also learn more about Android integrate with other Google Apps for companies. What are you? Will learn Select Android phone is right for you Integrate your office email and calendar tools Navigation business trips and meetings with ease Find a special application for your profession Collaborate with colleagues in small and large group Harness the power of customization Android Who this book is to This book is for anyone who is considering an Android phone or have just bought one. Are you a web designer, writer, medical professionals, lawyers, or educators, an Android phone to help you become more productive and ultimately find a reason to have a phone with data plan. Table of Contents Buying and Activating an Android Phone Use your Phone for the First Time Going Online With Android Android Calling Texting dispute Calendar Android Managing Your Email in the World Photos and Videos Microsoft Web Browsing Social Media and Mobile Map Apps Work and Remaining Android Applications Android Market General Business Apps for Professional Advanced Customization and Troubleshooting Appendix A of Managing Enterprise-Wide Resources Resources Appendix B Distribution for Development Android Apps Link download